Windows PowerPro is a comprehensive desktop expansion. By means of the English software the user has the possibility to switch instantly between several virtual desktops. Furthermore the tool keeps track of key sequences and plays them when necessary. The so-called utility manipulates windows of other programs by minimizing them with a single keystroke. In addition, it is also able to run various programs at a pre-set time.

Strictly speaking Windows PowerPro allows the user to take control of the use of Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Consequently the user has the possibility to run commands as well as configure his / her own system anyway he or she wants.

Considering the further details of the software it can be said that Windows PowerPro presents a compact and powerful launch bar, a clearly arranged menu as well as a tray icon facility. By means of experimenting with the configuration of Windows PowerPro, every user will quickly find out that you can use PowerPro in order to change the way you work with your general Windows system.

Windows PowerPro integrates three main functions / capabilities:

  • Running commands: tray icons, hot keys, various tool bars, mouse actions, several menus, timer, scheduler.
  • Controlling other program’s windows: close, minimize, maximize, position, tray minimize, roll-up to caption.
  • Providing utility functions: run commands when windows first open, several virtual desktops, send keystrokes to programs, show all folder files in a menu, shutdown, wallpaper, sounds as well as screensaver activation and randomization.

Please mind that Windows PowerPro is the replacement for Stiletto. Fact is that Windows PowerPro provides the very same functions and has the same capabilities, but is characterized to be much easier to configure.

Not only Windows provides complex software, but also the whole World Wide Web presents comprehensive software solutions. For instance there exist extensive communities like Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace that provide a wide range of various functions and possibilities to share data with friends and manage one’s own ‘life’ within the Internet. Fact is that such comprehensive software solutions exist in nearly every sector in the World Wide Web: There are great and large poetry archives for hobby poets, cooking sites with tips and tricks for cooks and many other more.