Microsoft and Apple are competing on the communications sector with their mobile operating systems Windows Phone and iOS. Although Apple’s iPhone is a bestseller, both systems have their pros and cons.

The current version of Windows Phone is 7.5, which features a new user interface and the design language Metro. Microsoft gives strict guidelines to phone manufacturers in case they want to use Windows Phone on their products, which can be an advantage or a disadvantage. A disadvantage of Windows Phone is that it is only compatible with Windows-operated PCs. However, Windows Phone enables barcode scanning and music identification, integrates with social networks like Facebook and also features live integration with the Xbox. There are voice actions including visual voicemail, custom ringtones, a battery saving mechanism, improved media messaging that lets you attach multiple pictures and videos in texts, threads that combine texts, Facebook and Messenger, improved multitasking ability for example texting while listening to music, and the possibility to manage your phone on the web.

A Windows Office 2010 pack including the programs One Note, Excel, Word and PowerPoint is already included in Windows Phone, although it is said that the mobile programs have very few features compared to their PC versions. For example, users cannot choose fonts in Word and the program looks and works more like a sticky note. The mobile PowerPoint version lets you view presentations and edit text but it is not possible to create new presentations. The standard browser for Windows Phone is Internet Explorer, which does not support Flash and is slower than the Android browser for example.

Apple’s iOS has a number of advantages compared to Windows Phone. It features popular apps such as Twitter, Instagram, DropBox and Skype, which are not available for Windows Phone, and generally offers more apps than the Microsoft OS. iOS saves your data in the iCloud for extra security, enables screenshots and has a notification center. The App Icons in iOS are said to have a more user-friendly layout than the tiles in Windows Phone. iOS also features the web browser safari and enables wi-fi sync with other Apple devices such as iPod, iPad and MacBooks.