Windows 7 is the latest operating system by Microsoft, which can be used on desktops, laptops and tablet PCs. Windows 7 was launched in 2009, three years after Windows Vista.

Windows 7 is compatible with applications and hardware that Windows Vista was already compatible with, but Windows 7 also introduces a large number of new features such as multi-ch navigation, a new design of the Windows shell including a new taskbar that is now called “superbar”, a home networking system called HomeGroup, as well as generally improved performance. Other new features include advanced touch, speech, and handwriting recognition, the support of virtual hard disks and other file formats, as well as performance improvements considering multi-core processors, booting and kernels. Another special feature of Windows 7 is the desktop slideshow which will change desktop backgrounds in a smooth transition. Windows 7, like Windows Vista, also has desktop gadgets.

For Windows 7, some specific changes have been made to the taskbar: it is 10 pixels larger than in Windows Vista in order to work well with touch screen use and was adapted to higher resolution monitors. If an application is opened, this is indicated by a border frame around the icon as well as a color effect following the mouse. Users can pin commonly used applications to the taskbar for instant access – a shortcut so to say. Another special feature of Windows 7 that is concerned with the taskbar is the Aero Peek button, which shows the desktop and gadgets by making all windows transparent. The taskbar is also designed to focus more on applications than on windows, which is why window titles are only shown when an icon is clicked or hovered over. Of course, there are also thumbnail previews like in Windows Vista, the difference being that the user can now interact with them.

Windows 7 also introduces new mouse gestures that affect the display of windows. The first gesture is called Aero Snap, which is used for maximizing and tiling windows by a dragging motion. The second gesture is Aero Shake, which works by shaking a certain window in order to minimize all windows apart from the one currently in use.