Have you ever heard about Windows Mobile, its follow-up known as Windows Phone 7 or Android? If you want to know more about these three operating systems, just read through this article within the website www.windowspowerpro.com. We will inform you about interesting fact and aspects concerning mobile operating systems for amongst others netbooks, smart phones and mobile phones.

Windows Mobile represents a compact operating system that offers a wide range of different applications for mobile devices. Strictly speaking Windows Mobile is based on Microsoft Win32 API and can consequently be installed on devices such as smart phones, pocket personal computers and portable media centers. At first sight it can be perceived that Windows Mobile shows clear and distinctive similarities particularly with regard to the general desktop versions of Windows. Fact is, however, that the respective code bases as well as target architectures considering Windows Mobile and general Windows do not feature any remarkable similarities.

Windows Phone 7 turns out to be completely different from both Windows Mobile and general Windows. In other words: Windows Phone 7 represents a full new development.

Besides Windows Mobile and accordingly Windows Phone 7 there also exists Android. Strictly speaking Android represents both an operating system and a software platform for a wide range of different mobile devices such as amongst others smart phones, netbooks, mobile phones as well as so-called tablets. In this context it has to be mentioned that Android is based on Linux-Kernel 2.6 and turns out to be a free software – in other words: Android is completely open source.

Android is characterized to have a so-called touch screen which enables the respective user to operate the smart phone, netbook, mobile phone or tablet. Besides the already mentioned touch screen, Android does also offer several hardware buttons. Strictly speaking the buttons called ‘home’, ‘menu’ and ‘back’ do represent the minimum of those buttons an Android phone for instance can possess. In other words: Android makes it possible to work with a smart phone, netbook, mobile phone or tablet just like with a normal personal computer. The tiny difference, however, consists in the fact that the user interface on a smart phone or netbook turns out to be smaller in comparison with a general computer screen.

Fact is that by means of a smart phone, netbook, mobile phone or tablet that is operated by means of Android you can do work or business everywhere you have high-speed internet access or general WLAN. Consequently you have the possibility to receive and check your emails, use skype and other short message services, have a look at your calendar and business meetings as well as check financial dates and information such as stock exchange prices, interest rates and so on. These financial tasks and activities are also known under the German name or expression of Tagesgeld-Konditionen mit Android-Handy vergleichen. All in all Android facilitates the general and daily work considering emails, conversations, researches and data such as text documents, calculations, business drafts, notes, business offers as well as customer information.