Windows Phone is Microsoft’s mobile operating system, which was launched in 2010 in Europe, and in early 2011 in Asia and is also available in countries such as Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico.

A special feature of Windows Phone is its new user interface and the design language Metro that integrates the operating system with other services and only needs small hardware requrements.

Microsoft’s biggest competitors concerning mobile operating systems are Apple with iOS and Google with Android. Windows phone is the primary smartphone operating system for Nokia products, due to a partnership between Microsoft and Nokia that was made in 2011. Another result of this partnership is that the two app stores, Nokia’s Ovi store and Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace, are now integrated. The first Nokia Windows Phone which runs on the latest version of Windows Phone, namely Windows Phone 7.5, will be the Nokia Lumia 610.

The new Metro user interface of Windows Phone has a home screen, also called “start screen” and consists of “live tiles”. These tiles represent applications, features, functions and other items like contacts, websites, or media items. It is possible to add further tiles or remove tiles and to arrange the existing tiles in a different manner. An advantage of these tiles is that they are dynamic and are updated in real time. This means that the tile for your email account will show you the number of unread mails and that the weather forecast tile will update regularly.

Another important aspect of Windows Phone is its organization into so-called hubs. A hub will combine content from online sources, such as social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Windows Live, and local content from your phone. There is a picture hub, a people hub, music and video hubs, games hubs, a Windows Phone Marketplace hub and also a Microsoft Office hub that includes the popular programs Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Windows Phone is based on navigation via multi-touch technology, with text messages being typed on a virtual keyboard. Windows Phone also uses a dark user interface, which results in increased battery life of phones with OLED screens.