As already mentioned within the article before, Windows PowerPro represents a well-arranged desktop expansion. It enables every user and operator to switch between various virtual desktop environments. It is not only useful in order to keep track of special key sequences, but also provides the possibility to run a variety of different programs at a pre-set time.

Strictly speaking it is possible to install special Windows PowerPro Software Features that do provide the advantage of having a wide range of different facilities to use within the desktop environment. In other words Windows PowerPro can actually be seen as a kind of desktop manager. Fact is that every user has the possibility to run commands and configure his or her own system like the way he or she wants. Exemplary features are briefly explained below:

  • Desktop Wallpaper: This feature enables an individual background picture to be displayed on the desktop.
  • Borders: This features serves as desktop decoration. It appears around the active desktop.
  • Shortcuts: Special software programs do provide a so-called shortcut facility. This feature enables special icons to be placed on the desktop. Consequently they can be used to access specific programs.
  • Joined Windows: This feature makes it possible to group application window frames.
  • Rollup: This feature provides the possibility to show all those desktops that are currently active.

Of course there exist a large number of various Windows PowerPro Software Features which evidently cannot all be described within this article. In spite of all one very useful feature that provides an excellent possibility to control the fill level of toner and ink cartridges has to be mentioned. The feature serves as a special function that helps anytime keep track of the fill level of every toner – no matter which virtual desktop is currently active. Consequently the feature appears in every desktop. This means that in case of switching between several desktops the feature switches always to the respective open desktop.