This following article within the website focuses the thematic field of Windows versus Linux. Strictly speaking we want to explain the exact difference between Linux and Windows in general as well as with particular regard to both Windows and Linux as operating systems for web servers. Furthermore we want to find an answer to the question, which operating system, either Linux or Windows, turns out to be the better system for web hosting. Is it actually possible to say that one operating system is better or even worse than another? Which operating system offers more positive aspects for users? Which one turns out to be more popular? These and more questions of this kind are going to be answered within this article. Just take some time and find out more about Windows and Linux as well as about their significant differences!

First of all it can be said that the majority of all web servers is generally run by the operating system called Linux. Strictly speaking Linux turns out to be one of the most famous and popular operating systems at all. But why has Linux gained so much popularity within the whole and comprehensive World Wide Web? We do have the answer to this question: Fact is that Linux represents a so-called free and open source software. This makes it possible for Linux to be easily installed – in particular without generating any costs. In spite of all users do have to keep in mind that concerning using Linux as an operating system for web servers it is required to have both technical and specialized knowledge. This means that users have to be familiar with the general usage and operation of Linux – for instance with its installation, etc. If the respective user is not able to install Linux on his or her web server he or she has the possibility to engage a so-called web hosting agency. Note: In this context it has also to be mentioned that Linux is very well known for its good stability and speed. Fact is that web servers that are run by means of Linux do crash less often than those that are driven by the operating system Windows.

Also Windows represents a very popular and worldwide known operating system for web servers. Strictly speaking Windows is characterized to have a very good support and general high-quality functionality or rather operating mode. In comparison with Linux, Windows is not a free and open source software but liable to pay costs.

Now it is finally your turn: You will have to make your final and personal decision. Which operating system do you like best? Is it Windows or rather Linux? Which one succeeds in convincing you of its characteristics? No matter if you make your decision in favor of Linux or in favor of Windows – we can assure you that both of them do represent remarkable, profound, serious and high-quality operating systems!